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What is LoL Speed Dating

Speed dating is the perfect way to meet and get to know a lot of new people in just one night. The format involves a sequential date of eight minutes with up to twenty fabulous singles, professionals most probably.

We recommend aspiring dates come with an open mind and a hearty smile! Busy lives, we understand, look for affordable, fun-filled, safe and time savvy ways to meet like-minded people at conducive and secure places. We do just that, and a little more.

LoL Speed Dating was launched way back in 2016 , and is the leader in Indian singles' events market. Our guests LOVE our events, so do we. Check them out here to get a glimpse in our world.

We, surely, want you not to walk out single. For tips on what to talk about (or what not to!) see our speed dating tips here!

How it works?

At the speed dating event

When you arrive, our lovely and affable host welcomes you and sign you in. After a brief explanation of and about the event, you pick a table in the room. Usually the ladies, with all respect, stay seated while the men rotate, not literally, about every eight minute.

You have a scorecard to mark down if you are interested in the person/s you meet. Think of the dates as mini introductions. It’s the perfect amount of time, our guests' experience tell us, to make out whether you connect well or signals are down. If you hit it off, move on to the next date-table.

It's not over yet. After the event, we stay on to have some drinks, food and socialize with all the participants. We wish and ensure, you have fun and meet 'the right one'!


After the speed dating event

We carefully, you can have faith in us for that, analyze and cross all the scorecards and send you an email with the detail-sheet of your matches. You have a match when you like a candidate and the candidate likes you as we'll. In that case, we share the contact details and put the ball in your lap...you can take it from there! All the best.

If you don't meet, God forbid, any one, (who you would like to meet again) you may walk in for our next event for FREE! What have you got to lose?


Who goes speed dating?

Single, fabulous and eclectic people who settle for nothing less than special, just like you. Our database is brimming with “busy professionals” and you’ll be pleasantly surprised, it happens usually, to get to know who you meet. Remember, everyone there is for the same reason – to meet someone special, someone you can feel connected to, someone you aspire to be with.

To us, being or remaining single is just a lost opportunity. Many people find themselves in the situation where their friends, most of, are already hooked up; or their workplace doesn't throw up an ideal dating environment; or they aren’t interested in drunken fumbling in clubs. Speed dating offers the safest, relaxed and stress-less solution to these and other such concerns. We let you meet people whom you wish to meet and who are on the same page, in a delightful ambience.

We run events for all ages, in cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune, Kolkata and Chandigarh. Click here to view our photo gallery from previous events.

Where are dating events held?

LoL Speed Dating chooses popular and stylish bars with central locations. We always have exclusive use of private floor, so you can get on the task in privacy.

How successful are speed dating events?

Speed Dating is successful, data in the domain, feedback of our guests and our experience suggest. Verifiable sources tell, just over 80% of the events get at least one “match”. We have reasons, that are listed below, to believe that speed dating is more successful that online dating:

  • Meeting people face to face allows you to work out physics and chemistry of attractions instantly.
  • Online dating can be overwhelming! Too many options results in people being overly picky and in the process discounting people who they would have liked had they met in real life.
  • There is no obligation to chat online, but at speed dating events you must speak to everyone present and give them an equal chance, thus increasing the chances of success.
  • It’s lot easier to lie online than face to face.
  • Hours, sometimes days and years, of online dating with back-and-forth can result in a date that you realize after 5 minutes is not going anywhere.

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