LOL means Laughing out Loud…!!!, usually. Here LOL (LifeOfLine) is a platform for singles to mingle with other singles face to face (offline) We organize events and meetings for verified, eligible singles to meet each other in a social still formal way in our city.

Yes! All need to register with the website before taking participation in the events. This is to make sure who you are and we do not share personal info of guests with anybody, unless legally requested/warranted.

We will collect all participant’s scorecards and all who said YES to you, will be matched against your YES. Both of you are agreeing to meet each other next time, we share contact details through email next day of the Lol Table Meet.

Yes, you can. Just make sure, your family/friends are comfortable waiting around the lounge area or around the location while you participate in the event.

Just select the event you want to attend on event page, follow the link to pay it on Events high website.

We will inform you in advance and will process refunds in 2 days.

Book your event, reach to the venue and meet LOL host. Now, You just smile and say Hello! to more than 8 prospects on different tables in LOL Table Meet. You get 8 minutes to tell the table mate - why they should meet you again. And you get this power of 8 minutes with multiple people in the event. Actually each one of them…. Ready??

Please guide all friends to participate the way you are participating J.

Yes, We have age Groups from 21-30, 31-40 and 40-60 to meet. We promise minimum 8 of people of your age category to meet you in our events.

Yes, you can definitely join as many as meetings as you want.