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On arrival, you will be welcomed by our hosts. Based on the theme of the event you will be provided with props and details to the games and activities that will be taking place. These events allow for you to be as forward as you like - work the room like the social animal you are or stand back and let people come to you! It works great both ways. The best way to meet other singles in an incredible and fun way

One of Participants review of last event :

Hi All of my Lovies,

As you are aware we had an event conducted at Khar, Mumbai on the 20th May 2018. I am super glad to inform you that the event turned out to be a Great Great Success.
The Crowd out der was really enthusiastic and Supporting. All credits to the Participants who made it to the Glamorous and the Fun Loving Party that was conducted and held by LOL (Life of Line) ..❤

I am glad to share a few insights of the events that took place on that respective day..
Firstly I am so so thankful to the beautiful Crowd who came in and invested der valuable time..💞
The little fun activities that were conducted were as follows
- Beer Pongs.
- Lock and Key
- Breaking a leg on the floor
These were some of the activities which made the event super successful and the crowd of course would be given all the credits.. 💙
As talking about the Fun Activities in Particular..
Firstly the (Beer Bong) - As you know this fun activity is one of those activity Which builds competition and a bond at the same time.. I saw the crowd getting closer and more interactive in this Game
The Lock And Key Game - The Lovely Ladies out here had the Locks and the Handsome Hunks had the Key to the Locks.. This game became intresting because of the interest that the Participants showed in the Game.. Most of the Crowd won the game. And the Perk about it is that the people who managed to Find their Lucky Lock got a lot of Passes for our upcoming events and a lot many more Perks.
- Breaking A Leg ( Dance) - This is the oldest and the best thing that any Individual can do. Dance is a an Art and while we do that and enjoy with our loved ones.. This not only got the Participants close but the Team of LOL too.. 💕
I can't thank each and every one of you who made it to the event and made this party a Great Great Success..
Wanna have the Same Experience, Please register and join us on our upcoming events.. ♥
We conduct these events in different cities and you surely would love the Experience you will happen to render from the event held by LOL (Life of Line).
Thanks and Much Love. 💙
Find the Right One, Fall in Love, Cos Love is a Beautiful and the Best Feeling and it's totally Worth all the efforts and Time..
Much Love..
Spread Love.. 💕💜