How it works

LOL Table Meet :

At LOL, we make you meet multiple candidates for 8 minutes each in a upscale social meeting hub.
Meet, greet and impress.
No one knows your contact details. They just know your first name and there you are on the LOL Table.

Key Points:

  • Once you have confirmed your event participation, please Forward your booking text message to 7899988111.
  • Make sure you have registered yourself at LifeOfLine website. It is mandatory.
  • Please reach to the venue 15 before the scheduled meet. Get guidelines for parking availability and route directions before starting for LOL Table meet.
  • Meet the LOL Host at the venue and mark your presence and enjoy the welcome drinks at the lounge. (we encourage non-alcoholic drinks to start with)
  • Please call and confirm your venue and timings beforehand. Call 7899988111 for any help.
  • Through the LOL Table Meets, we let you meet opposite gender participants for 8 minutes each and then share the mutual likings through email within next 2 days of the meet.

 Know the full process through the video:

Speed Dating India-Mumbai LOL Table Meet 17 Dec'16